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Michael Manfre (dev)

This is my dev account. Runs on the same Takahē instance as my main account. Better content is likely found over there

Emoji python Emoji django Emoji takahe

If you see an error with this profile or messages I federate out, please let me know. I'm iterating on this server's code.

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Working on modal image popup because letting the browser do its thing with image links is not the friendliest UX.

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Putting account migration progress aside to figure out what broke mention linking.

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type: move
state: processed
time: Dec. 22, 2022, 12:46 a.m.

It even updated the local identities that had follow relationships like it was supposed to do! 🎉
You'll have a new home soon, (self)

My Takahē instance is running too close to swapping. A few optimization code passes and things are a bit better. Don't worry little vps, you'll get some friends and more optimizations in the morning.

@bhaugen @anildash @takahe for the what/why of Takahē.

The why I'm tossing PRs at @andrew, he's a good person to work with (many years of positive interactions on the Django team). Being on the Django team, I'm biased towards Django apps.

Mastodon is also heavy for a single user instance. My Takahē instance runs entirely on a $2/mo VPS.

@bhaugen @anildash @takahe
Agreed that the UI has room for improvement, but we're iterating on it and always open to suggestions, bug reports, and PRs. First Takahē commit was Nov 5 and it has already come a long way.

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Hi! I'm looking for someone to admin an instance of @takahe that I'm considering as my canonical fediverse presence; I'm pretty convinced that the platform that will succeed for bringing more mainstream brands/institutions into the fediverse may look more like this than like current Mastodon. (I'm also interested in exploring using Datasette alongside for analysis/stats.) Anyone interested in helping? DM me or email with rates.

@aurynn is it possible to have an unopinionated style guide?

@fallenhitokiri @paulox @takahe I'm writing commands to help migrate from gotosocial to takahe while reusing the domain/handle. They should help with mastodon moves too.

@paulox @andrew @adamchainz @gregjk I appreciate that you included the appropriate hand gestures to properly pronounce it

@manfre This post is starting as a Note, but updated to a Question because that's the only way without having the UI created.

It's now a Question

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Progress is going well towards the next release! We're particularly excited about custom emoji Emoji takahe Emoji takahe

My apologies to anyone with a "verified" emoji in their name, but your verification doesn't hold on my instance. Emoji override --> :verified: <-- 😁

@admin replying with Tusky.

I realized today that discrete sound cards have all but disappeared from general purpose and gaming computers. I haven't acquired one in at least a decade, despite building and buying several computers. Why do I have a several of them in bin?

Default blocked shortcode should not render :blocked:

@manfre Posting with the Emoji takahe emoji

@manfre Trying to add Emoji takahe from compose.

@adamchainz Don't need too much more than ohmyzsh git plugin

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@andrew @takahe if anyone has experience with accessibility UX, please come chat in the thread in discord! We're learning as we go and the documented recommendations don't always line up with reality.

The time it takes to go from "I want this code running live" on my VPS to "containers are running" is about a minute, includes building the container. This is both quite fast and not fast enough.

It's been many years since I've spent any serious effort on HTML or UI, but tonight has been a quick dive deep in to ARIA and generic keyboard navigation.

I'm iterating on Takahē in the hopes of making it more accessible. Please check it out and let me know what I'm doing wrong. Local

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What does Sinterklaas, quark soup, and 5 CVEs have in common? It's release day with no less than six different versions out today!

Among them, the 3rd alpha of 3.12, as well as the first maintenance release of 3.11, predictably called 3.11.1. That one broke the record for the most changes in a ".1" release, likely ever.

Post with link to the main page of this site. Homepage