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Michael Manfre

I'm a software developer (mostly Emoji python ) with significant contributions to Takahē and I'm a member of the Django Security Team.

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If anyone at is interested in getting involved with DSF stuff, please find me today or tomorrow at the sprints. I can help with

- connecting you with a working group you might want to join, or helping you propose a new working group
- writing a nomination -- for yourself or someone else -- for the DSF board
- ... anything else DSF-related you can think of!

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What can the DSF do for me? 🐂 @django

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Neat post from @nessita on avoiding (maybe for your use-case) unwanted migrations when a model field's choices change. A good tool to have in the box 🔨

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A few days ago I learned about grub theming and this is where it got me.

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A pattern for Django model fields with sub-attributes (eg `obj.field.html`):

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delighted to announce that my new zine "How Integers and Floats Work!" is out today!

You can get it here for $12:

It explains all of the surprising facts about how your computer does math, and it was SO fun to write.

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Welcome to our new home in the Fed~~eration~~iverse. First of all- WOW we did not expect to surpass 300 users on this instance (and over 1K fediverse subscribers) within our first 48 hours and with little promotional effort. We are all excited to see where this long road goes.

Coming from Reddit and confused about Lemmy?

I had some stuff typed out, but honestly, this thread sums it up better. Check it out! It has infographics.

If you're still stressed out, remember that Lemmy is still new. Yes, it's ugly, but people said Reddit was ugly too (both are correct). As Lemmy grows, and continues, more tools will get made. Decentralization opens up a lot of possibilities we didn't have before. The future is bright.

Will other communities be setting up shop besides StarTrek, DaystromInstitute and Risa?

Yes! Eventually. Right now our focus is staying online, fast, and reliable which means keeping things focused while we find our footing. Daystrom, StarTrek and Risa were chosen to start off with because the three of them cover the "srs bsns ↔ shitposting" spread quite well.

If you are part of a community interested in being hosted on, send me a DM and we can try to work something out.

Qapla'! How can I support?

We've started a Patreon here: There's only one plan and it's just $4. If our growth continues like it has, we're going to need to upgrade our hosting very soon.

Will supporters have perks?

~~Yes! Eventually. We're still working that out. Which means we owe an extra big thank Thank you to those of you who are contributing now.~~

Probably not (unless you're Ferengi). See comment

If you have any questions for the team, please don't hesitate to ask in this thread (and yes the discussion thread for the Strange New Worlds season premiere will be up on /c/StarTrek later today, stay tuned!)🖖

Takahe has limited support for this type: See Original Page
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Due to popular demand and to ensure the force remains in balance, I have added the Emoji empire​ emoji to balance out the Emoji rebel emoji.

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I have a junior dev that's ready for his first job. If you're looking in that space, let me know. He's hard-working, persistent and literally loves programming. The problem we worked on today had him so excited. He just needs a shot at this point.

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🎉 The Django News Newsletter Issue 178: Django security releases: 4.2.1, 4.1.9, and 3.2.19

📚 4.2 update to Django for Beginners, ⚡ prepare your site for traffic spikes, 🔐 CSRF and Trusted Origins, and 📦 more.

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It turns out you can simply serve a file from a domain to use it as your bsky handle.

So this guy is now S3. All of S3.

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Perfect, I don't see problem. No cookies, no Ads.

Six months of bulking has come to an end. Going from +500 kcal/day to -500 kcal/day is an unpleasant as it sounds. At least this is a mini cut and not the usual 16 - 20 weeks of getting in to Spartan shield condition.

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The part where lots of fire comes out must point towards the ground if you want to go to space today.

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Happy Birthday to PegDHCP 🎉
This network protocol was described in RFC 2322 on april 1st 1998 and is now 25 years old.
Read it here 👇👇

Thanks @KHoos et al.

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. @pydantic is hiring a technical writer to make our docs (and the docs of our future services) awesome!

Email if you're interested.

If you love writing, know some and want to get into tech, this is an amazing opportunity!

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Microsoft has always had a great philosophy around accessibility and introduced me to the idea of temporary disability. It’s a great way to broaden one’s perspective on how much impact making your product more accessible has.

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accidentally wrote "saad" instead of "saas" in a text to my partner; they immediately coined "Software as a Disappointment"

and honestly, where is the lie

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Here's a PSA that if you work on a or project, you can apply for a free 1Password Teams account.

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The project has reached a huge milestone, v1.0.0! 🥳 40% performance boost and a bunch of other improvements:

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With McCarthy threatening economic armageddon over the debt ceiling, but Biden holding firm on not negotiating with a weapon pointed at the head of the economy, how will this end? I discuss the state of the GOP in today’s piece.

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The docs will hopefully soon have a dark theme! 🌒

Demo build at:

Please try it out and let us know if you find any big problems!

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The best way to prevent the and potential